FMX Shows

H2O has produced in excess of 800 FMX shows around the world with careful attention to safety while maintaining maximum action. H2O introduced FMX as a major theme park attraction at Sydney Wonderland in 2002 and now have produced many international FMX shows.

H2O produced FMX shows at  a theme Park in China with a purpose built lagoon with motor cycles jumping from one island to another. This was a worlds first with the FMX show incorporating a high impact water ski show.

FMX is as extreme as it gets and H2O can design and produce a show to suit your needs. H2O produces indoor shows, shows for corporate product lunches, theme park attractions and special events.

H2O FMX show are choreographed to music with a compare and can be produced in a multi media production with special effects and pyro.

  • Bond's FZ1(2)
  • Bridge leap
  • Copy of DSC00019
  • Copy of fmx page 2
  • H2O - Aust Day 07 (18)
  • MotoCross 7
  • Stoppie
  • Tribe burn out 03
  • Tribe freestyle shot S Mini
  • fmx1
  • fmx10
  • fmx11
  • fmx12
  • fmx13
  • fmx14
  • fmx15
  • fmx2
  • fmx3
  • fmx4
  • fmx5
  • fmx6
  • fmx7
  • fmx8
  • fmx9
  • gary 5
  • heart attack flip